Stain Removal

If your carpet has this kind of stain call us we will remove it.

We are a vetted, insured and highly professional cleaning service provider in London. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction though our different cleaning services, like professional carpet cleaning london, rug cleaning, upholstery item cleaning, etc. Here is a sneak peek to different services that we offer:

1. Professional Carpet Cleaning London

We provide professional carpet cleaning london. Our carpet cleaning methods includes powerful dust removal from carpets though vacuum cleaning, dry or steamed cleaning depending on the fabrics and ensuring complete hygiene as well as zero toxicity. If you are not satisfied, re-cleaning services will be provided, without claiming any extra charges.

professional carpet cleaning london

2. Rugs Cleaning

Like carpets, rugs also need similar kinds of treatments. First, vacuum cleaning for effective dust removal and then dry or steamed cleaning for removing stubborn dirty marks. Eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals are used during the cleaning process.

rug cleaning

3. Stain Removal

The ugly stain marks on upholstery items or carpets look quite ugly. Due to them, the freshness or hygiene of a house gets spoilt. We offer guaranteed stain removal, without harming your upholstery items or carpet fabrics.

professional carpet cleaning in london by LCC

4. Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery furniture, like sofa, armchairs, etc. require regular cleaning services. If they are not cleaned properly for a long time, opt for our services for exquisite results. Not only making them completely new after cleaning is our commitment, but we strive to maintain 100% hygiene. Fresh odor from the old upholstery items will bring in better hygiene for the household dwellers.

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